Information for Contractors

Contractors and Vendor Rules

  1. The Pointe's Office is open from 8:30AM to 4:00PM weekdays; except major holidays.
  2. All service persons must sign in at the office and sign out when finished.
  3. All keys received from the office must be returned the same day!  When the office is closed drop keys in door slot.
  4. Under no circumstances are keys to leave the property or to be duplicated.  Keys cannot be kept overnight.
  5. Do not block cars in parking areas with your vehicles. After unloading in back, you must park in designated service personnel areas.
  6. All movers and appliance people - pad the elevators - take care of our walkways. Do not gouge them; use care with dollies and moving equipment.  If you are unaware of the where the elevator pads are located, please ask the on-site office or maintenance supervisor.
  7. Do not go into the lobby storage room and use the carts.  This is off limits to all vendors.  Even if owners say you can use them you can't, per policy of the Association management.  Lobby carts are for resident's use only.
  8. No smoking in buildings.  Use ashtrays do not throw cigarettes on the ground.
  9. Absolutely no cutting on the walkways!  When you are bringing materials to the unit, make sure you do not block the walkway, so emergency personnel could get through, or other owners can get by with shopping carts, etc.  Protect our walkways by using a drop cloth to set tools and supplies on before taking them into unit.
  10. Carpet installers - If space is needed to cut carpet, etc. do this in the back of the building using the driveway area.  Sweep up the debris in driveway, lobby, elevator, and walkway when finished.  Use sound deadening material under installed carpet.
  11. Tile installers - Tile may only be cut in the unit or in back of the building on the driveway, rinse driveway when finished.  Absolutely no cutting to be done on the walkways.  Use sound deadening material under installed tile.
  12. Plumbers - If water has to be shut off, two days notice is required to notify owners in non emergency instances.
  13. Air conditioning technicians - Notify manager before going on roof.  A roof key will be issued to you along with instructions for protecting our roof.
  14. All vendors - Clean up all unused materials and debris.  Do not use our dumpsters!  Do not discard old drywall, tiles, carpet, doors, paint cans etc. at The Pointe.  Take them with you!

The lobbies and walkways will be inspected at the end of each day by a Pointe employee.  You will be responsible for any damage that you cause and for any cleanup required.

A $50 cleaning free will be charged to the responsible vendor, every time we have to clean up!  





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